Honor America Corps
Roll of Honor
The Honor America Program has been made successful by a number of patriotic individuals and organizations who have made a direct contribution to support the acquistion of flags and other materials.
While many individuals selflessly support the program in a wide range of ways, those individuals and organizations identified on the Roll of Honor have made a unique contribution which merits special permanent recognition.
Flag Day Retreat Ceremony June 14, 2006
 Corps Roll of Honor Sponsors
Old Glory Sponsor
Sir Knight William J. McCarthy PGK, PFN, FDD
Golden Eagle Sponsor
Sir Knight John C. Belrose
Sir Knight Richard T. Salazar PGK, DD
Patriot Sponsor
Battlefield Council #10246, Knights of
Sir Knight and Mrs. Raymond K. Beaver PGK, PFN, FDD
Sir Knight Richard A. Caporali PGK, FN
John J. Cempre’ Council #6328, Knights of Columbus
Sir Knight David L. Chichester PGK, PFN, FDD
Father Justin Cunningham Assembly #2518 Knights of Columbus
Sir Knight and Mrs. Francis S. Connors PGK, FDD
Sir Knight William E. Emerson III PGK, PFN
Sir Knight and Mrs. Robert J. Fahy
 Council #4034 Knights of Columbus
Sir Knight John C. Grey PGK, PFN
Sir Knight Edward Gryczynski, GK       *
Sir Knight John E. Hogan
Sir Knight Russell Ignarro
Sir Knight Mark S. Janda, GK
Sir Knight Robert E. Jankovits, PGK and Family
Sir Knight George H. Johnson, PGK
Holy Trinity Council #7812, Knights of
Sir Knight and Mrs. Richard R. LaRoche, PGK, FDD
Sir Knight Aloysius J. McFall PFN
Sir Knight Eugene P. McKenna
Catholic Community, Naval Support Activity
Sir Knight Robert T. Noble
Sir Knight William R. Novitsky PGK, FDD
Sir Knight Harry J. Pelto, Jr. PGK, PFN
Sir Knight and Mrs. William J. Phillips
United States
 Army (Retired) and Mrs. John H. Pitts
Deacon William D. Pivarnik, SK
Rappahannock Assembly #1613, Knights of
Mr. Charles D. Robinson
Sir Knight Dennis A. Ryan PGK
Sir Knight Anthony J. Spehar PGK, PFN, FDD
Sir Knight Claude H. St. Dennis PGK
Sir Knight Ralph Steiniger PGK
Brother Loui J. Stevens
Sir Knight Matthew T. Storm
Ulmer Agency, Knights of
Sir Knight
Darrel J. Vidrine
 Council, Knights of
Father Widmer Council #7877, Knights of
Sir Knight Richard M. Wenneson
Sir Knight Carl M. Wohletz PGK, FDD
Sir Knight Robert C. Wheatley PGK
Sir Knight David A. Wujick
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Young
Sir Knight Raymond N. Zogran
Red, White and Blue Sponsor
Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Daniel
Sir Knight Marcel Dionne PGK
Sir Knight Harold R. Ginn
Sir Knight Joseph M. Kratochvil PGK, FDD
Sir Knight Leonardo P. Pulizzi
Sir Knight Gerald E. Stockli PGK
United States Flag
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