Honor America Corps
Presentation of an historical program centered around the display of a number of flags both official and historical. The objective is to engender an active interest within the student body as well as possibly touch upon a few of the U.S. History Standards of Learning.
The program consists of a static display of flags, accompanied by music, which we would combine with a brief narrative. We then proceed to a question and answer session designed to reinforce what has been presented to the students.  It can be easily tailored to fit into busy schedules.  A running showtime of between 30 and 60 minutes is the norm in a classroom setting or larger.  We are extremely flexible and can easily accommodate specific needs.
These programs are principally focused in an area whch runs from Westmoreland County on the east to Madison County on the west and                        from Prince William County in the north to Fluvanna and Henrico Counties in the south, including the cities of Charlottesville, Fredericksburg and Richmond.
We also support a broad spectrum of civic and fraternal events.  Examples are a Special Olympic basetball tournament, National Guard soldiers returning from combat, parades on Independence Day and Religious Freedom Day along with a variety of meetings at Knights of Columbus Councils and activities.
Corps member giving thanks for the safe return of the 229th Engineer Battalion July 2005
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