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There are twenty-seven official flags of the United States and each one of them tells a story unique to our history.
Through the physical display of these flags an individual begins to sense the Spirit of America.  The extraordinary background  that led to the creation of each banner is a remarkable tribute to the courage and determination of the American people.
All of these flags have equal standing.  Each can be flown and represent the                                    Nation today as proudly as it did when it was approved for use as our standard.
The only distinction is that of protocol with the 50 star flag taking first precedence in any joint display working on down to the 13 star flag which represented the states that formed our Republic.
Our Staff
The Corps is a lean organization and task organizes to accomplish its mission.
There are a number of men who have stepped forward to contribute their time andtalent when called upon.
 - Bill McCarthy
 - Frank Connors
 - Bill Novitsky
 - George Johnson
Special Programs
 - Joe McKuen
Council/Assembly Representatives:
Battlefield Council - Frank Connors
Bishop Keating Council - Pete Needham
Father Justin A. Cunningham Assembly - Rick Dowsett
Father Widmer Council - Darrel Vidrine
Fredericksburg Council - Mark Janda
Holy Trinity Assembly - Bill Emerson
Holy Trinity Council - Eric Miniuk
John J. Cempre' Council - Joe Kratochvil/Jerry Stockli
Rappahannock Assembly - Bill McCarthy
St. Isadore the Farmer Council - Rick Dowsett
St. Jude of Massaponax Council - Ray Beaver
Ray Zogran, Neil Buttimer, Jim Buisson
Fund Raising
 - Jim McMorrow, Pete Needham, Ray Beaver
Corps Cadre
Larry Pratt, Marcel Dionne, Gene McKenna,Tony Spehar, Carl Wohletz, Dave Chichester, Paul Gerick, Dick Dowd, Bob Wheatley, Jim Tetor,                                    Dennis Ryan, Dennis Mercier, Tom Tharp, Harry Pelto, Ralph Steiniger, Joe Henry, Brian Ellis, Paul Skolaski, Bill Emerson, Darrel Vidrine, Dick Wenneson, Vern Hodapp, Dennis Ryan, Tom Tharp, Greg Gordon, AJ Mendo, Ed Gryczynski, Joe Fillare, Rick Caporali, Mark Janda, John Purificato, Bob Jankovits,  Pete Needham, Dick Salazar, John Hogan, Ray Beaver, Deacon Bill Pivarnik, Frank Farrell, Joe Argenzio, Frank Seeber and Angelo Laviano
Virginia State Council Knights of Columbus
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As of
 26, 2006
, the Corps has appeared before
             Do you love America and the flag that represents her?  Do you possess values in your life, drawn from our history and tradition that you would like to share with others?  We believe you would answer "yes" to both questions.          When you hear someone ask: “When are 'they' going to something about the  lack of respect shown to our Nation’s flag?" or "how are 'they' going to  reinforce those values we hold dear?" our answer is," 'we are they' and we are  doing something about it!".  
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