Honor America Corps
Getting Involved
"Many hands make light work."
If you are a Knight of Columbus, then you can be a member of the Corps! It doesn't matter what your age, work status,physical condition or degree is at all.
Volunteer Your Time
We need men to march, that's true.  About four dozen of them, as a matter of fact!  It's not very often, never very far nor for very long but they are
Partcipation is important
Because of the nature of what we're doing it's vital that we have the number of people we need at each activity because we have given our word to others that we would be there.     All Knights are committed to the principle of Patriotism. We know you are especially committed because you have expressed an interest in being a member of the Corps.   As a member of the Corps you are a part of an exciting program unlike any other about which we are aware.  It cannot function without you and your participation is critical to its successful execution.   Look at the events we have coming up.  They are constantly changing.  Get in touch with Frank Connors or Bill McCarthy. Let them know you're available and what you feel you'd like to do.   Let's make a difference!  Let's start to put back what has been missing!   Why?  Lots of reasons but if for no other reason, these are our children and grandchildren!   Join us!  You won't ever regret it!
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